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Jodi Daley is disruptive. Her projects address underserved markets and rattle the status quo to maximize personal potential. She has done this through vocal performance, in multi-media production and training high profile executives, millennial new hires, award-winning actors and television hosts.

Ms. Daley started her production career at ABC News over two decades ago when she realized she could pair directing and producing with acting.

Her broadcast career includes interviewing, directing, hosting and producing for both news and feature television. Broadcast production clients include: NBC, PBS, CNN, Discovery, TLC, National Geographic, and TIME Inc. Ms. Daley has also produced several educational series for Prentice Hall, Scholastic Media and ALMA (Adult Literacy Media Alliance), always answering the same question: “Why should my audience care?”

In early 2002, Ms. Daley branched out into facilitating communication & sales skill courses, interview training, corporate etiquette, and media training workshops. This decision came from many days of full production overtime due to the distinct discomfort of high-level executives in front of the camera. She also found that off-camera, interviewing prospective employees was both enlightening and painful.
(Read: People had no idea of how to speak or compose themselves. And she started to teach them to do both.)

Ms. Daley describes herself as “hands on.” Her passion is media and messaging that is tailored specifically to the participants and the audience. Most importantly, she wants to makes people think.

She has traveled around the country and around the world for Microsoft, American Express, Pepsi, MasterCard, Pfizer, GE Capital, Odyssey Health Care, Delaware Investments, PLMA, Weichert Realtors and “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.”
(And yes, Robin Leach really did talk that way.)

Her on-camera experience ranges from soap operas to hosting her own series on TLC and the Romance Channel. These days, she can be seen on STORE BRANDS USA and PLMA Live on the web. She has also spent 20 years recording voice-overs for more than 1,000 commercials and promos for clients such as Estee Lauder, Procter and Gamble, Lifetime, NBC, and the RNC.

Ms. Daley holds a master’s degree in Mass Communications from Temple University and undergraduate degrees in Speech Communication Theory and Theatre from West Chester University of Pennsylvania.

Finally, she ends every day with a glass of really, really good wine.