How Voice Actors Are Chosen for Political Ads

A small group of actors provide the voice-overs for most political advertisements. Who they are and how they are chosen.

The man behind the man behind those Iran deal ads

Scott Linder runs a one-man firm that connects voice actors with campaigns like the Iran nuclear deal ads, as well as movie trailers, TV programs and products like razors and orange juice.

Study: Male voice-overs dominate political ads, but women’s voices may be more effective

In political ads, it seems that men and women are not created equal, according to research on the selection of voice-over announcers in campaign and political broadcast advertising.Patricia Strach of Political Science and [...]

You’re Going to See an Explosion of Online Political Ads in 2016

And thanks to antiquated campaign finance rules, you'll know less than ever about who's paying for them. If you dread the deluge of political ads flooding the airwaves during election season, you're not going [...]